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Car Wreck Evaluation

Why Haven't People Who've Had A Car Wreck

Been Told These Facts?

If you've recently been involved in a car wreck and suffer from any of the following...

·         Neck pain

·         Sharp, shooting pains in the arms

·         Numbness and tingling in the arms or hands

·         Painful headaches or dizziness

·         Unrelenting muscle soreness

...there may be cause for concern. This may be the most important article you will ever read about your injuries.

My name is Dr. Steve Kamego, clinic director at Kamego Chiropractic. I've been helping people heal and be pain free after car wrecks for over 8 years. Chiropractic treatment has proven to be a very effective method of healing car wreck and whiplash injuries. Treatment is almost always 100% covered and paid for by auto insurance. We have experience and will help you get your treatment paid for by the responsible parties. Here's the results of one chiropractic study...

“The results of this retrospective study would suggest that benefits can occur in over 90% of patients undergoing chiropractic treatment for chronic whiplash injury.” -- European Spine Journal

Special Opportunity To Have
A Professional Evaluation

I’m running a very special community service where you can find out how bad your injuries are, if I can help you and if insurance will pay for your treatment.

What does this offer include?  Everything I normally do in my “Car Wreck Evaluation”. Just call 803-328-2440 and here’s what you’ll get…

·  An in-depth consultation about your problem where I will listen…really listen…to the details of your case.

·    A Pro-Adjuster computeizd neuromuscular examination that will show were the damaged joints and muscles are that need to be treated .

·    A thorough analysis of your exam and  findings so we can start mapping out your plan to being pain free.

-  A free insurance verification, were we will do all of the work in getting your treatment and even massage paid for by the responsible insurance parties.

·  You’ll see everything first hand and find out if this amazing treatment will be your pain solution, like it has been for so many other patients.

Now you may be wondering why as a doctor, I would practically give away my services. It's simple really. I broke my neck in a car wreck in 2001 and know what its like be in pain, searching for help and wondering how the medical bills will get paid. I've also seen too many people come in years after their car accident, and have nasty, degenerative arthritis, most of which could have been prevented with the right care early on. I'm tired of seeing this scenario over and over, so I wanted to offer this special evaluation to help make a difference.

Here's How To Get Rid Of Your Pain

With my FREE Evaluation we’ll be able find the problem and then correct it.  Think of how you’ll feel in just a few short weeks. You'll be feeling your life change for the better. Starting your body on the way to a pain-free, normal living. Feeling tight joints rest, relax, free up. Feeling muscles tied in knots become more supple.

As you begin to see motion returning to your joints, you’re preventing and reducing chances of disability and a crippling future. You’re playing golf again, doing yard work or playing with the kids…without pain.

Here's What To Do About Your Pain

Call 803-328-2440 between the hours of 9:00 am and 6:00 pm Monday through Friday and tell the receptionist you’d like to come in for the Car Wreck Evaluation.

Call today and we can get started with your consultation, exam and Pro-Adjuster scan  as soon as there’s an opening in the schedule. Our office is called Kamego Chiropractic Wellness Center and you can find us at 1449 Ebenezer Rd in Rock Hill.


Dr. Steven J Kamego, D.C.

P.S. What will your pain feel like months, even years, from today?

It's amazing how different life can be after a split second collision.

One minute everything is fine, the next you are hurting for days and uncertain if life will ever get back to normal. Tasks you used to perform with ease, like reading, concentrating or even sleeping, now take more energy and cause annoying pain.

If you feel like this, you could be suffering from whiplash. Whiplash is an injury to the spine caused by a jerking motion, either backward, forward or from the side.

Whiplash can severely damage your ligaments, even if you feel just a little sore after the accident. If not healed properly, painful scar tissue will develop,  causing misery in your neck joints for decades.

One medical study concluded 43% of patients "will suffer long-term symptoms following 'whiplash' injury, for which no conventional treatment has proven to be effective."

This means that almost half the people who have neck trauma from a car wreck will suffer for years. Plus the traditional methods of treatment like neck collars, 'wait-and-see', and pain pills are not working.

A study published in the Journal of Bone and Surgery looked at people who had been in a car accident 15 years ago. They found that 70% of the whiplash injured patients continued to complain of problems related to the original accident. 

With women it was even higher -- 80% still had symptoms after 15 years!

In the book Whiplash-Associated Diseases,Rene Cailliet, MD dicusses Low Impact Collisions and the associated Bodily Injury. 

“Simulated impacts have been studied extensively and essentially confirm that a low-speed impact with minimal or no damage to the impacted vehicle can and does cause significant musculoskeletal injury to the driver’s or occupant’s head and neck.” p. 4

“It has been shown that high speeds are not specifically pertinent in determining the extent of the [whiplash] injuries sustained.” p. 32

“Numerous injuries result from vehicular accidents even when the impacts are not very big and there is minimal damage to both vehicles.” p. 87

“In many instances, a person experiences whiplash after a vehicle accident that has caused little significant damage to either vehicle.”p. 100

Rene Cailliet, MD is a Professor Emeritus at the University of Southern California

School of Medicine and a clinical professor at the Department of Physical Medicine Rehabilitation at the UCLA School of Medicine.

Dr. Cailliet has written 17 texts on musculoskeletal problems

that have sold more than 1.2 million copies.

Don’t let scar tissue build up and be painful for life.

Take me up on my offer and call today 803-328-2440.  


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